Rules & regulations for students :

  1. Students are requested to present in the school within 10;35 am in every working day.
  2. Students must come in school uniform along with identity card and school logo affixed in the uniform. In winter woollen suit must be blue in colour for Madhyamik students and red suit for Higher Secondary students.
  3. Students are requested to attend 75% of total working days. If the rate of attendance is found below 50% then she will not be eligible to sit for the exam.
  4. Students must come with leave application attached with the school diary when she will come after taking leave.
  5. The students are not permitted to take leave during school hours. In case she falls ill the guardian will be called from the school to take their ward.
  6. All the fees should be remitted within 31st January.
  7. At the time of taking annual progress report students must bring Fees Book.
  8. Mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the school premises. The school authority can take any kind of disciplinary action against the student if found mobile in their bags.
  9. The fees for computer education is to be submitted to the computer teacher in proper time.
  10. A fine will be imposed to the students if they do not return the library book in the schedule time & date.
  11. The students are not entitled / permitted to use the telephone of the school except in emergency.

Rules for Guardians :

  1. The guardians will not be allowed to enter in the class room.
  2. The guardians will not allowed to stay in the school premises as soon as the prayer starts.
  3. At the time of exam please leave your child in front of the school gate, no need to enter in to the class room with your child.
  4. Please send your child to the school with proper school uniform along with identity card. The students will not be permitted to enter in the school without proper school uniform.
  5. The students will not be allowed to enter in the school after prayer.
  6. Please do not send your child with severe illness.
  7. The schedule time to meet with the Head Mistress as follows
    • 11:30 am to 12: 30 PM
    • 2:30 Pm to 3 PM
  8. The schedule time to meet with the class teacher – Monday & Thursday – after 2:30 Pm
  9. To establish healthy relationship between the students, teacher and guardian please get in touch with the school.
  10. The school authority expects your whole hearted co-operation and consents.
  11. Students must submit the Xerox copy of their caste certificate in proper time.
  12. The ph. No. of guardian must be written in the school diary.